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Dr. Kalliwoda Conferences

We are organizing our own Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Market Conferences in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt/Main, Madrid and Warsaw. Furthermore we are planning conferences in Lugano und Mailand und Nice. Please have a look at the impressions of the conferences already taken place in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Future Conferences:

    14.09.2017Amsterdam3. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Amsterdam
    28.09.2017Madrid4. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Madrid
    After already 18 graduated Roadshow-Days in Madrid
    29.09.2017Barcelona3. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Barcelona
    After already 5 graduated Roadshow-Days in Barcelona
    25.10.2017Brüssel4. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Brussels
    30.11.2017Frankfurt am Main3. Dr. Kalliwoda Internat. Capital Markets Conference in Frankfurt am Main
    11.01.2018Warsaw11. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Warsaw
    Dinner/network 10.01. in Warsaw (or)
    12.01.2018Warsaw11. Second Day: Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conference in Warsaw

Future Capital Evenings:

    17.05.2017Frankfurt4. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Evening (single equities) in Frankfurt/Westend
    24.08.2017Frankfurt5. Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Fonds-Evening in Frankfurt/Westend

Guests   Investors   References :

Frankfurt  Brussels  Warsaw  Madrid   Milan   Zurich

We perform our own Dr. Kalliwoda Capital Markets Conferences in Frankfurt/Main, Warsaw and we are planning conferences in Mailand and Zurich. 

Our team is professional in Research-Coverages and performing Roadshows and Conferences. And all our activities are based on high ethical standards (DVFA, CEFA, CFA).

Primarilay our conferences have the one-on-one-format in hotels and stock-exchanges.  Please also see our Roadshow approach  primarily in Europe.

Institutional Investors & Issuers

We are focusing on institutional investors and mid-caps with a Market Capitalization between 300 Mio. Euro and 3 Billion Euro Market Cap. We do also have guests above 5 Billion Euro Market Cap. Guests in the past have been for example Talanx AG, Elring Klinger AG, Fielmann AG, Telekom Austria AG, MVV Energie AG, Wacker Neuson SE, Jenoptik AG and more.

Macro-economics Europe:



Arndtstraße 47
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69. 972 058 53
Fax: +49 69. 138 192 15
E-Mail: research@kalliwoda.com


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